Am I supposed to be Sherlock Holmes? – Dr Godwin Friday
(Left) Montgomery Daniel (Right) Dr Godwin Friday
May 13, 2022
Am I supposed to be Sherlock Holmes? – Dr Godwin Friday

Opposition leader, Dr Godwin Friday makes no boast about being a detective, especially one of the calibre of the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes.

At the sitting of Parliament on Thursday, May 5, the Opposition had several questions listed on the Order Paper for oral answers.

The Opposition leader asked the first question which was directed to the minister of transport and works, Montgomery Daniel.

Friday was seeking to find out “if any, and what tax and duty free, and other concessions were given to Rayneau Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd, in relation to the development and operation of its quarry at Richmond.”

In his answer to the question, Minister Daniel stated that document # 889 of 2021 outlines the agreement between the government and the St Lucia construction firm Rayneau Construction which is undertaking the project.

Daniel said this is a public document, and based on the Standing Orders of the House, he will not have an answer to Friday’s question, as the original document is lodged at the Registry.

Not satisfied with this response, Friday rose and asked “ which official publication are you talking about?”

“I thought that this is a document that you said was lodged at the Registry.”

“What am I supposed to be, Sherlock Holmes to go and look for it? he further questioned.

Minister Daniel repeated that the document # 889 of 2021 is a public document.