Child abuse video sparks outrage in SVG
April 29, 2022
Child abuse video sparks outrage in SVG

ON THE EVE of the celebration of Child Month, a video has surfaced on the Internet of a child being savagely beaten by an adult.

Child Month will be celebrated in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) during the month of May, but a video which is now making the rounds on social media, shows a very heart breaking incident of child abuse. The video is 5 minutes, 2 seconds in length and for almost the entire video, a child is seen receiving a savage beating from an adult.

The incident is alleged to have taken place in Park Hill, where the 10 year old child lives with his grandmother.

Reports are that the grandmother was annoyed by the child leaving a bicycle in the road.

In the images captured by a closed-circuit camera in the area, a child is seen trying to walk away from someone who was hitting him.

The child was pulled back and held by the adult who continued to beat him, including hitting him in head, or face.

The child was repeatedly struck for about four minutes.

The release of the video on social media has sparked outrage among many persons who are calling the alleged abuser “a wicked woman”

and wish that the child be removed from her care, Posts about the video on social media, describe it as “disgusting” to the point where several persons claimed being unable to watch until the end.

“That’s not a beating, but fighting the defenceless 10 year old child.”

“That is hard to watch, hope she gets what she deserves.”

“This is crazy, this abuse needs to stop. Treating a child like this would not help him but instead cause him to rebel.”

These are among the hundreds of comments posted about the incident.

This year’s Child Month is being celebrated under the theme: “I am SMILE” where SMILE is the acronym for : Special, Marvellous, Important, Loved and Enough.

It is almost certain that this incident will affect the smile of the child who was abused.