Fancy resident says his faith in God saw him through Soufrière eruptions
April 8, 2022
Fancy resident says his faith in God saw him through Soufrière eruptions

THE RESIDENT WHO stayed in Fancy when others evacuated last April said that he took that decision because he believes in God more than anybody else on this earth.

Thaddeus Bowens is regarded as a hero in the community that is nestled on the foothills of the volcano in the northernmost part of the country.

He not only stayed behind to face the explosive eruptions of La Soufrière but also to ensure that no one went into the community to engage in illicit activities.

When SEARCHLIGHT interviewed him on Sunday, April 3, Bowens revealed that he didn’t move last April because “God was inside my vessel so I didn’t really want to move. I want to test out my faith to see how strong I really be for the Lord, so that why I stick up here.”

He added while the experience “was real dangerous” he was not afraid.

The elder gentleman was the only villager who remained behind and he spent his days patrolling, “watching the people and dem place from tiefingness till them come back home.”

Describing succinctly what he went through Bowens said that it was “fire and brimstone.”

In terms of exactly what happened between April 9 that the volcano began shooting its contents skywards, until the final explosion on April 22, Bowens said, “It only certain set ah people I will tell that experience there because that come like our judgment fall pon all of us…and I stick up to my judgment with a brave heart, a clean mind. It only certain set ah people I will tell that. Everybody supposed to face their own judgment.”

However, he did reveal that he watched from his house on April 9 and saw fire and a big cloud of ashes rise up over the mountain. Bowens explained that the most dangerous event throughout was the river coming down because “it shaking the whole place.”

Nonetheless Bowens said that he enjoyed the Soufrière experience “very well” as it was a test of faith.

“I more believe in God more than anybody else pon this earth here. Cah he put me to sleep ah night time, he wake me up in the morning. He give me the strength, he give me the power to do everything. And all I am asking Him for – wisdom and understanding. Not much money, just likkle money to pay my bills and dem,” he also said.

He concluded that he did not have any difficulties during this time.

Bowens, who himself is a farmer, said other farmers are beginning to plant again but are still having a hard time as the ash is “burning” some plants. But he has had some success growing crops that bore well.

On a whole he said that Fancy has been moving on from the damage last year but reflected that “we meet some rough times. Till now them meeting some rough times with food and them kinda system.”