Millions being spent on sea  defence, says PM
April 1, 2022

Millions being spent on sea defence, says PM

The Government is spending millions of dollars to protect St Vincent and the Grenadines from further coastal erosion, by putting sea defence barriers in place.

And Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves said so far, this is being done in the worst affected areas.

The prime minister has disclosed that so far some $65 million has been spent on sea defences between Sandy Bay and Brownstown, Georgetown along the Northern and North Eastern coastline.

Speaking on NBC Radio on Wednesday March 30, the Prime Minister said Sandy Bay was the area worst affected by coastal erosion.

Gonsalves explained that sea defence work in that area is being done as a $40 million project.

The Prime Minister added that similar work which is being done in Brownstown and Caratal, Georgetown and San Souci cost an additional $25 million.

He provided the information in response to a question which was read by host of the Face to Face programme, Johnny Straker.

The question was about sea defence work for Byera, another coastal village near to Georgetown.

The Prime Minister promised that sea defence work is also planned for Byera, but to date, no designs have been done.

Gonsalves also spoke of the need to have sea defence works done at Shipping Bay, Biabou to prevent further erosion of the road there.