PM sends another warning
Dr Ralph Gonsalves
March 4, 2022
PM sends another warning

For the second time this year, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has cautioned Vincentians about overseas schemes to which they could fall victim.

Last month, the prime minister warned vulnerable women about a human trafficking ring in the United Kingdom, which may offer them opportunities for jobs in that country.

On Wednesday March 2, he emphasised the warning and also gave some statistics about Vincentians who were denied entry to the UK.
According to the Prime Minister, in January this year, three Vincentians were denied entry to the UK.

Over the last two years, a total of 22 Vincentians were denied entry to the UK.

Some of those who were denied entry, went up as students but had no student visa, or the person who sponsored them, failed to meet them at the airport.

Several other reasons were given as to why their attempt to enter the UK was unsuccessful.

The Prime Minister is again warning, “don’t get caught up in trafficking schemes.”