Workmen hustling to finish Lowmans Bay houses
SOME OF the houses at Lowmans Bay built as part of the Port Rehabilitation Project.
January 21, 2022
Workmen hustling to finish Lowmans Bay houses

Work on the Lowmans Bay Housing Project is expected to reach a feverish pitch in the coming days, as the workmen on the site are pressed to have the houses ready for their occupants by around month-end.

Electrical poles, cable and telecommunications lines have been installed, and all of the houses save for two, have been wired and are awaiting connection to the mains.

Workmen say they are “hustling to finish these two houses by month end.”

Additionally, there is much to be done in terms of the finishing touches, such as cleaning of construction debris, and completing the concrete road.

SEARCHLIGHT was unable to confirm the expected date for completion with project officials who said that Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves would address the issues raised by our reporter in an address. This, when an interview scheduled for Thursday at the Port Modernisation Project office was called off on arrival.

However workers at the site said that “month end is the time we have to get everything ready.”

The construction of the houses at Lowmans Bay is one element of the port modernisation project earmarked for Rose Place, and therefore requires the removal of residents who currently live in the area more readily referred to as Bottom Town. The majority of these residents will be relocated to Lowmans Bay in the houses whose projected occupancy timeframe had been placed at the end of December last year.