Patrons say new Nine Mornings Festival venue is different, better
December 17, 2021
Patrons say new Nine Mornings Festival venue is different, better

THE FOLLOWING are comments from patrons who attended the opening of the Nine Mornings Festival on Thursday, December 16 2021.

Zandia of Sion Hill has been to Nine Mornings in the past and said:

“I think the new venue is perfect. When the rain came in the mornings before, not all people were able to get shelter. Because of the rain and the umbrellas when we did it on the street, many persons could not see. The Park is much better where you can go and shelter the rain. It is something different. It is good, I enjoyed this morning.”

Dwayne Charles of Ottley Hall

tries not to miss the Nine Mornings, and said:

“A new venue. Nine Mornings in a new venue is alright. It will not pull as much people as it used to pull before because most people would come from the Windward side. I have no problems with the protocols. I enjoyed this morning and is history in a new venue. I was a part of it.”

Kingsley,Vincentian residing in New York but home for the holidays, has been to Nine Mornings before:

“Different scene. Different setup. It is better because of the Covid. I can relax. When the rain comes I can get to shelter. I will encourage people to come because you will enjoy yourself.”

Sheena of Vermont who has been to many Nine Mornings activities in the past said:

“It is the first day and I do not think that people have quite grasped the new venue for Nine Mornings probably because of the vaccination thing, so it did not have as much people as the normal Nine Mornings would have. But it was a good start and
I think it would eventually get better as the days go by. The venue is ok but we are so accustomed to Heritage Square already, I do not know but I think we will get accustomed to it after.”