Rapid Relief team donates items for Coast Guard Food Basket distribution programme
FROM LEFT: Commander Brenton Cain, Kenley Ward, PO Daniel Foyle, Kent Pile, and Sub Lieutenant Franklyn John.
December 14, 2021

Rapid Relief team donates items for Coast Guard Food Basket distribution programme

CHRISTMAS CAME early for the St Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service (SVGCGS), when it received 40 buckets of food items last Monday, December 6, courtesy the Rapid Relief Team (RRT), a not-for-profit organisation.

The items,though are not for the use of members of the SVGCGS; they are a contribution to its Food Basket Distribution Programme. These items were handed over at a brief ceremony at the Coast Guard Base in Calliaqua where representative of the RRT, Henley Ward expressed pleasure that the organisation has been able to support the Coast Guard’s Annual Food Basket Programme, according to a release from the SVGCGS.

The service has been engaged in this worthy gesture for more than 20 years. Noting that the initiative is geared towards Ward said supporting people in need across St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ward said the RRT is happy to assist in providing the 40 family food buckets towards this effort and hopes the donation will be well received.

Coast Guard Commander, Brenton Cain accepted the donation on behalf of the SVGCGS. He noted that the SVG Coast Guard Service is a maritime security agency in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with vested interest in the communities which it serves. He said he believes in partnership which allows for the fostering of a better relationship with the public, hence the outreach programme was initiated.

According to Commander Cain, the initiative allows for the SVGCGS to give back to the elderly and destitute in communities.

The food basket initiative was introduced when retired Coast Guard Officer, Charles Adams saw the need to go into various communities during the Christmas Season to assist the elderly with food items and other forms of assistance.

Concluding his remarks, Commander Cain applauded the RRT for its proactive approach in executing projects and partnering with various stakeholders in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He said this year’s donation would be given to personnel within the SVG Coast Guard Service, who in turn would be tasked with identifying at least one person who is deemed to be less fortunate and in need of assistance in their community. Some of the communities identified to benefit include: Georgetown, Mt. Greenan, Lowman’s Windward, Stubbs, Mesopotamia, Calliaqua, Sion Hill, Vermont, and Barrouallie. The Food Basket Programme is headed by Petty Officer, Daniel Foyle.

The mission of the Rapid Relief Team is to deliver hope and relief to people across the globe whether in relation to fire, flood or humanitarian need, and the organisation expands its support services to meet the needs at hand. Since the floods in 2017, the RRT has been providing support to SVG. RRT St. Vincent is made up of volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

Globally, it comprises persons from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church who act on the principle of care and compassion to provide relief for persons in need. Ward said further that the core philosophy of the RRT is “providing need to the persons who need it most.”