December 7, 2021
Mother and child father in court over access to their offspring

A 24-year-old cashier has been charged that she disobeyed an order of the court that the father be given access to their child. 

 Dashiki Walker is alleged to have, on November 27, in Frenches wilfully disobeyed an access order made by the President of the Family Court. The order was said to have been granted just days before the alleged offence.

The young mother, who was not legally represented, pleaded “not guilty with a cause”.

The defendant had already been allowed station bail and this was continued by the court. 

Senior magistrate Rickie Burnett noted that there would be tensions between the two parents, and emphasised that they have a child together. He indicated his intention for the trial to be set for Friday, December 10. 

However, the prosecution noted that the process of disclosure might take longer than this.

Nonetheless, a tentative date was set for this Friday.