Massy brings  Mega store to SVG
Patrons browsing the items at Massy Mega
November 9, 2021

Massy brings Mega store to SVG

ON November 4, Massy Stores officially opened Massy Mega, which according to Vanessa DeSouza the Massy the Supermarket’s general manager, is offering bulk shopping at competitive prices for customers.

Kamisha Craigg – Massy Mega’s manager

Speaking at the opening ceremony which was delayed by 90 minutes, DeSouza said: “The very first of its kind in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and boasts a variety of goods across several categories. It is a very bold move by Massy at this time of Covid, but we saw the need and Massy Stores decided to offer to our customers a new shopping experience with competitive prices.”

She welcomed the public this new shopping experience at what was formerly True Value, at Stoney Grounds.

One of the supermarket’s employees, Brianna King, said she has had such experiences on her travels to Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia, and Canada.

Based on her experiences, she was very curious to see what Massy Mega is all about. King later told SEARCHLIGHT that , “It is very nice, very appealing. I love the items, the wide variety of items, and the prices are not too bad.”

ONE OF the sections of the newly opened Massy Mega

She said that ‘Mega’ will bring a new shopping experience to Vincentians, with “competitive prices, and I do not see any competition. It is just a new and welcome experience. I am not being biased or anything like that, but ‘Mega’ will be good for people with families.”

Massy Mega manager, Kamisha Craigg, was elated at the new entity and praised her colleagues for their hard work in making the new shopping outlet a reality.

Vanessa DeSouza, General Manager