Love 2 Share gives to Barrouallie children
Nez Ollivierre-James handing out a bookbag
October 29, 2021
Love 2 Share gives to Barrouallie children

Children living in Barrouallie last Tuesday October 26 were provided with school packages from a New York-based organisation ‘Love2Share’ .
However, the activity was almost derailed due to reported unruly conduct egged on by adults present.

The presentation was being done at the recreational park at Barrouallie where around 250 children received packages of varying values, some receiving only a pencil case, but not note books nor school bags.

Nez Ollivierre-James, a former resident of Barrouallie who operates the organisation said this was “because of the pushing and disorderly conduct that was shown by the crowd which included parents.”

A resident of Barrouallie, told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that “the adults were the ones who encouraged the kids. Instead of appreciating the little that is done the adults help the kids to misbehave. The people came to help and the little given is better than not receiving anything.”

Ollivierre-James said she was “very disappointed in how they behaved. We had enough for everyone there but the adults and parents were in the midst pushing instead of helping to form a line”.

Earlier this year, Ollivierre-James said they shipped to St Vincent a total of 12 barrels, three commercial bins and boxes, and eight regular boxes in the wake of the volcanic eruptions “most of which was shared in Barrouallie.”

The objective of Love2Share Corporation which was formed in 2012, is to feed the less fortunate in New York on special occasions, and sponsor yearly Fun day and Back2School giveaways.