October 22, 2021

Rusha Bay students receive bursaries from St Vincent Brewery

THE ST VINCENT Brewery Ltd has selected and recognised five successful CPEA performers from the community of Rusha Bay to be awarded with back to school bursaries.

A release from the Brewery said the selections were made based on applications received.

Each student is awarded a bursary which is a one-off payments amounting to EC $1,200.

The recipients are: Joshua Morgan, J-Vique Kyle Lewis, Nickida Alana Matthews, Renee Soniah De Freitas and Timroy Ralph Jr.

The Campden Park based manufacturing enterprise prides itself on a culture of supporting and giving back to the many communities in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It is an esteemed establishment that continues to foster better community and company relationships while supporting the future leaders of our island, its release stated.

Leadership by personal example is at the core of our culture, the St Vincent Brewery added, as it extended congratulations to the five students and wished them a productive school year and the best in their future endeavours.