C&W Business kicks off Small Business Month in October
C&W Communications CEO, Inge Smidts
October 8, 2021
C&W Business kicks off Small Business Month in October

The month of October has been designated ‘Small Business Month’ across the operations of C&W Communications in the Caribbean.

The company which operates the business-focused brands, Flow Business, BTC Business and C&W Business in select markets, said in a release that it will roll out a series of virtual In-know-vation livestreams beginning on Friday, October 8, aimed at empowering its small and medium business customers and helping them to grow their businesses in the digital age.

The livestreams will be hosted every Friday, and are being tagged “Small Business Fridays”, with engaging speakers, hands-on workshops, and a chance for participating small businesses to present their business and ideas to win an opportunity to pitch to an expert panel, with cash and prizes totaling US$15,000 to be invested in the successful pitches.

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) represent a large segment of businesses across the Caribbean and the implementation of Small Business Month is designed to signal to the SMB Community that the company is putting significant resources behind its commitment to the sector.

As the global COVID-19 crisis continues to severely impact businesses, particularly small businesses, C&W’s business brands are actively targeting small businesses to help them cope with their new reality. Going beyond business connectivity, they offer the digital tools and “Smart Solutions” that SMBs need to stay productive as they adapt and transform their businesses.

Whether it is managing through mandated business closures due to ever-changing COVID protocols, C&W Business offers digital solutions to help SMBs stay connected and keep their businesses up and running from wherever they are. Small businesses have also faced challenges in terms of accessing the resources to move their services online and C&W Business has stepped in to help small business owners to stay connected to their teams and clients remotely no matter where they are located. As part of C&W Business’ new suite of Smart Solutions, SMBs can launch a new website in less than seven days, with the company covering the design and build, as well as providing 24/7 support after launching the SMB’s website.

C&W Communications CEO, Inge Smidts, issued a mandate earlier in the year to her business teams asking them to expand the company’s current focus on Small Businesses in the Region. Using a model first piloted in its Bahamas business, the company has expanded the program to a full month of activities and to cover the wider Caribbean region.