Health Ministry offers money for empty oxygen cylinders
September 24, 2021
Health Ministry offers money for empty oxygen cylinders

The Ministry of Health is offering a $100 dollar reward for each empty oxygen cylinder that is taken into the ministry as stockpiling of essential supplies continues in the face of a spike in COVID19 cases.

“We have capacity for 600 cylinders on a monthly basis,” Minister of Health, St Clair Prince, noted yesterday September 23, at a press conference and outside of Covid-19 times the hospital uses up approximately 400 cylinders.

“In August alone, 2021, we saw an increase by 100, bringing the total to 500 cylinders,” he stated.

“Discussions are ongoing with regional and local suppliers to increase our capacity. I am making an appeal to those with empty oxygen cylinders out there, in the communities, to please bring them in..,” Prince urged, “…and they would be rewarded with $100, effective immediately.”

The drop off location will be the Caribbean Investment Office located in Campden Park, downstairs the Oxygen Fitness Centre.

The Minister of Health also commented on the status of ventilators in the country.

“In St Vincent and the Grenadines we have available some 26 ventilators, some of which are in storage, we also have some transport ventilators pending use, and two neonatal ventilators,” he noted, adding, “We have put measures in place to increase our capacity in this area.”

“Of course ventilators will become a premium if the spike continues. We should have another 12 to 15 ventilators within the next few weeks here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, in addition to what we have in storage,” the Minister informed.