US-based Vincentian invests in Panga vessels for use in fishing industry
RAINFOREST TEAM WITH Agriculture minister, Saboto Caesar (fourth from left), and Vincentian US-based businessman, Ken DeLecia
September 10, 2021
US-based Vincentian invests in Panga vessels for use in fishing industry

FISHERFOLK IN St Vincent and the Grenadines are being exposed to the possibility of obtaining a customised fishing vessel that would enable them to increase the efficiency of their operations as the government moves to expand the Blue Economy.

Vincentian US-based businessman, Ken DeLecia’s company Kadtron Installation and Logistics, is now offering the customised Panga vessels, where persons can choose to have cabins additional storage and signature fishing lines (series of hooks) with reach of up to 10 miles, as added components to the vessel.

According to a release from the Agency for Public Information (API), on Saturday August 28, three of the vessels were on showcase as a team which included Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries etc. Saboto Caesar along with DeLecia, journeyed by sea along the Leeward coast and explained to local fishermen about the opportunities from which they can benefit with the growing fishing industry and the flexibility and leverage that come with owning vessels.

The boats which range from 16 ft -33 ft in length and carry 40-300 HP Yamaha engines, are being sourced out of Mexico from manufacturer Imemsa, and are assembled locally. In addition to fishing, “the boats can also be used within the tourism industry, family on pleasure trips or expeditions and can be exported to neighbouring islands,” DeLecia said. He added that because of the cabin feature the fishing time can be extended, ultimately increasing the fishing capacity.

DeLecia sees this project as a way of giving back to his homeland and contributing to the advancement of this country, giving the fisherfolk more ownership of this thriving enterprise through cost-effective measures.

Earlier that week, a management team from Rainforest Seafoods Jamaica while in St Vincent and the Grenadines visited the site where the boat are being assembled in an effort to utilize vessels on the ground.