The Toronto SVG Support Group (TTSVGSG) announces The EB John Memorial Bursary
Evans Bernard John
August 20, 2021
The Toronto SVG Support Group (TTSVGSG) announces The EB John Memorial Bursary

August 19, 2021 marks the first anniversary of the passing of our colleague, friend and founder, Evans Bernard John. In commemoration, The Toronto SVG Support Group (TTSVGSG) announces the establishment of an annual education bursary, The EB John Memorial Bursary. The bursary will be awarded each year to a national of St. Vincent and The Grenadines pursuing post secondary studies in the Communication Arts or related field at the Open Campus of the University of the West Indies.

In the first year, the bursary amount will be EC$2,000 that will be awarded to one individual. Details on the application and selection process will be provided at a later date. The bursary amounts and awardees will be announced each subsequent year by TTSVGSG.
The TTSVGSG expects this bursary will help deserving individuals achieve excellence in a field that was close to EB’s heart and thereby, be a fitting tribute in his honour.

EB founded The Toronto SVG Support Group in 2012. His vision for the group, as stated among its core objectives, was to promote and facilitate positive interaction among nationals of SVG throughout the Diaspora, and to partner with or otherwise support any other SVG and Caribbean group or persons with a similar vision. Through its steadfast and consistent contributions, activities and support to other groups since 2012, EB’s vision has been, and continues to be, fulfilled.

In addition to its charitable activities in Toronto, the following is a synopsis of some of the Group’s support efforts in SVG:

  • Worked together with CARI-ON, the SVG Association of Toronto, the Consul- General of Toronto and other groups and volunteers in sending 14 shipping containers of relief supplies to SVG in response to the recent La Soufriere eruption.
  • Donated to:

– SVG Rotary Club South – Christmas toys annually,
– Lions Club South – Christmas family food baskets annually,
– Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre,
– Integrated Team Developing Athletic Talent (ITDAT) Academy,
– St. Vincent Autism Society,
– Various schools in SVG – books and printers,
– VINSAVE – video projector, popcorn machine and groceries,
l Sponsors two students through the SVG Association of Toronto’s Adopt-A-Child Program.

l Donated together with The SVG Association of Toronto:

– An SE-1200 ECG Unit to the Chateaubelair Hospital (2019);
– Blood pressure units to SVG medical clinics (2018);
– Funds to the School for Children with Special Needs in Kingstown (2017).

  • Initiated and facilitated the donation of 60 hospital mattresses to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital from Toronto’s West Park Healthcare Centre (2019).
  • Provided funds, in collaboration with the Consul General of Toronto, to construct a house for a family in North Leeward following the December 2013 floods.