New Superintendent of Prisons Timothy Hazelwood
August 6, 2021
Close to 400 inmates are in Her Majesty’s Prisons

As at July 27, there were 395 inmates at Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP) with 101 of them being behind bars due to their alleged or confirmed roles in murders.

This information was part of the report presented by Superintendent of Prisons Timothy Hazelwood, to Justice Brian Cottle at the end of the recent High Court assizes. The population of the prisons remains predominantly male, 383, while 12 are females.

Two hundred and twenty of the male inmates are repeat offenders, with four having committed 21 or more offences.

The total number of first time male inmates number 163, while all the females are first time offenders.

A total of 95 male inmates are behind bars in relation to murder offences; 50 of whom are awaiting trial, seven are being held on remand, and 38 are from the Supreme Court. This represents 24.8% of the total number of incarcerated males.

In the case of the female prisoners, half of them, 6, are in prison in relation to murder charges with four awaiting trial, and two from the Supreme Court.

Nineteen males and two females are serving time for manslaughter.

For the male inmates, the second highest percentage of their population, or 10.2%, is behind bars in relation to burglary. Of the 39 inmates behind bars for burglary, 29 are from the magistrate’s courts, one is from the Supreme Court, and nine are on remand.

Twenty six men are incarcerated for wounding related offences; 24 for robbery and 21 for offences relating to unlawful sexual intercourse.

Offences of possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition are responsible for 20 inmates being housed in HMP, with a further 10 for possession of an unlicensed firearm (no ammunition).

Fifteen convicted rapists have been sent from the Supreme Court, while two men are awaiting trial for rape, and two are on remand.

Notably, one male is in prison sentenced by the magistrate’s court for child maintenance.

The highest section of the male prisoners, or 14.7%, hail from South Leeward, while 12% of the populace hails from West Kingstown.

Three female inmates, or 25% are from North Central Windward, while two are from South Leeward.

Ninety three males are aged 30 to 35, while 82 are between 40 to 49 years old. There is one under 16-year-old who is remanded at HMP.
The ages of the female population vary, but three persons between the ages of 22 and 25 are awaiting trial.