ONE OF THE 14, 40 ft containers of food, clothing, essential goods and emergency supplies shipped to the NEMO totaling over $CD2.8 million.
August 6, 2021
CARI-ON SVG Disaster Preparedness says thanks

Toronto, Canada.
CARI-ON SVG, disaster expresses immeasurable gratitude to all Canadians and St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG ) nationals abroad who contributed their time, talents and treasure, to assist the people and Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

On April 9 2021,La Soufriere Volcano erupted causing widespread destruction, and forcing over 20,000 persons to be evacuated from their homes. Areas including Owia, Fancy and Sandy Bay in the north of the mainland were heavily impacted by 32 eruptions which continued over some 14 days. Recently the Minister of Agriculture Saboto Ceasar, reported that the resulting ash fall devastated farming and farmers; some of which lost 100% of their vegetable production. Within 24 hours of the eruption, the community’s response with donations: physically, financially, emotionally was overwhelming but timely and appreciated.

“There was a tremendous outpouring in the wake of this disaster” said Hayden J. Jones, Chairman of CARI-ON SVG, “persons from all walks of life including the diaspora reached out to us, and gave generously to support the relief effort.”

With the help of SVG Consul General to Toronto Fitz Huggins, KLC Shipping Services, and other SVG organizations, including the Toronto SVG Support Group and the SVG Association of Toronto, and volunteers at collection points, fourteen 40 ft containers of food, clothing, essential goods and emergency supplies were shipped to the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) totaling over $CD2.8 million.

“The tremendous response from the diaspora was spontaneous and amazing. As the country moves into the recovery and rebuilding phases, we know we can count on you for your continued support”, said Huggins. 

CARI-ON SVG is continuing to develop and implement initiatives to support the country’s recovery and rebuilding. Without the support of our community, donors, partners, and countless other groups, organizations and individuals, the success of the relief efforts would not have been possible. We express our sincere gratitude to everyone for rising to the occasion.

CARI-ON is the acronym for :Conducting Active Relief Impacting Our Nation. The mission of CARI-ON SVG Disaster Preparedness is to help families and communities to “CARI-ON” and return to a normal way of life during and after disasters.