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Police investigating shooting incident involving Bally Alexander

Police investigating shooting incident involving Bally Alexander
BALLY ALEXANDER standing with aid of crutches

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COMMISSIONER OF POLICE (COP) Colin John, said that the events of the night on which 22-yearold Bally Alexander ended up in the hospital with gunshot wounds, are under investigation.

Alexander is claiming that he received multiple gunshot wounds to his legs by Rapid Response Unit (RRU) officers on the night of Saturday, June 19.

While he was still in the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) two weeks ago, Alexander spoke to SEARCHLIGHT about his version of events surrounding that night. At that time, he was lying on a bed in the male surgical ward, with a circular wound to his right leg, and bandages along his left leg, partially stemming the flow of blood.

Close to the end of this interview, a police officer guarding Alexander, wrongfully demanded that the recording be deleted.

However, the Victoria Village/Stubbs resident was discharged from the hospital on Thursday, June 24, and he visited SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, June 28.

He repeated that he and his friend had spent that Saturday cleaning a yard in Owia, and had then gone to the ‘bush’.

They were on their way back when, “I decide now I been have a small smoke – I decide I ain’t going to pass cross the police dem with it nah.”

Therefore, he decided to walk on the bayside.

When he was walking, Alexander said, “I see two guy running going up on the road. When I see them I tek me eye off them, nah study them again” because he thought they were running to catch a ride or something along those lines.

“…We continue walking, when we look back up there again me see the two person like in a distance from me now, running coming to my direction now,” he said. He told his friend that they were police, and he threw away his smoke.

“…Then a police guy come down and buss ah shot, and tell we freeze. Me throw flat pon the sand. Me and me other partner,” he alleged.

The police apparently asked for both of their names.

“When he ask me my name I tell him Bally Alexander, when I tell him so he put the gun pon me foot, he shoot me and lift back up the gun and put it pon rapid and start to spray, so I start to roll,” he claimed.

He then told his friend that his feet were mashed up, and blood was coming from them.

“…Them tell me must get up off the bayside and come, get up come go up. So me say officer me can’t move,” Alexander posited.

He alleged that they told him ‘what do you mean you can’t move’, and that he has to move somehow, “crawl on your back or something.”

Alexander claimed that he tried to crawl, but one of the officers apparently took his friend aside and spoke to him. “…When he come back now, me partner try lift me up and ting, and try bring me by the vehicle but how me so big…” he said his partner was struggling.

Alexander also said that he was shot minutes to eight but did not reach the hospital until half past eleven. While both men who claimed they were there have said the gun allegedly used to shoot Alexander was an M4 Rifle, SEARCHLIGHT was informed that this weapon is a powerful gun that would have caused massive damage.

When put to him, Alexander commented, “It come like now the bullet nah go directly to the bone. You see like if it go to the bone, it woulda mash up the bone, but it just dey in the skin itself. Yeah the same thing I was saying becah everybody tell me so.” He said another guy reckoned that those guns see a lot of “transactions” so “the impact it supposed to cause, it nah cause that impact there again.”

“Yeah so the spring like it worn for the gun,” he said.

Now, he is “Under real pain still. Every day is pain, the most I could do is just take pain killer and just go.”

Further, he said he wanted to go to a lawyer, claiming “they take $2345 for me, and ain’t give me back up to now”, and further, “They take me phone, me bag, some clothes, up to now I aint get no charge. And I want for know what going on with me thing and them.”

Alexander said this money isn’t his, it belongs to his aunt.

The 22-year-old has said that they never charged him with anything, “Only come and question me for say possession of firearm and buss shot after them. And [that] I was in Georgetown whole day walking up and down firing off shot,” he said.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Department continued to say they have no information on the matter, but COP John said he was aware of Alexander being in the hospital with gunshot wounds.

And as for the circumstances leading up to his being there, he noted, “Yes I was told something by the police.”

By police he confirmed that he meant the Rapid Response Unit(RRU).

He said he preferred not to get into particulars about what they told him, “because the matter is subject to investigation”, and he would not want to prejudice the investigation.

On the matter of whether any charges have been laid against Alexander concerning this night, he replied, “I don’t know if any charges have been laid as yet, but based on what the police told me, charges are likely to be laid.”

He did not wish to confirm or deny whether these charges are likely to allege that Alexander shot at the police that night, “because it’s subject to investigation.”