PERSONS RECEIVING eye care from volunteers of Logos Hope
July 6, 2021
More than 185 receive help in Hope volunteer eye clinics

LAST WEEK, a group of volunteers from the Logos Hope book ship held an eye clinic for residents of West St. George at the Belair Anglican Church.

Vale Rios Galindo, head of the Logos Hope Global Connections Department, told SEARCHLIGHT “We are very happy that over the course of the past week we were able to send 17 people from Logos Hope to different teams to reach the community of Belair in partnership with the Belair Anglican Church.”

During the clinic which was held over a number of days, about 185 people of varying ages had their eyes tested, and were provided with high quality graduation and reading glasses at no cost to them.

According to Galindo, “This will improve everyday life for those who struggle with the lack of resources or the chance to access vision correction devices. Students and elders can improve their reading, and workers can carry on with their daily tasks without any concern related to their vision.”

With the Covid-19 pandemic having curtailed book-purchasing activities by members of the public, Galindo said that “The eyeglass clinic is held every time by our crew of volunteers from more than 50 nationalities from all around the world which is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with them, not being able today to receive people on board.”

“Our crew is very happy to serve the community of St Vincent and the Grenadines,” said Galindo, adding “Not only through the eyeglass clinic, but also through on shore mobile book fairs, ash cleaning teams, and shelter visits, among other activities being held every day.”

This is in partnership with the local organisation REACH SVG, in co-operation with the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“It is impossible to put a monetary value on the donations we bring or the time and energy invested by our volunteers, but we do know from experience and on-the-ground response, that our efforts are of enormous help and encouragement to Vincentians, and we are delighted to be able to serve wherever needed at this time,” Vale Rios Galindo stated.