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Mother calls for justice for injured son

Mother calls for justice for injured son

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THE MOTHER OF the young biker who sustained severe injuries in a bike crash on June 13 is asking for justice and to meet with the driver of the vehicle she claims was also involved in the crash.

Hagar Miller’s son, Ronnie Miller lies in the male surgical ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), with two broken legs, a fractured arm, and multiple lacerations about his body. These were sustained after he crashed in front of the Calliaqua police station, in an incident that left his bike, a black Kawasaki 600 HP motorcycle, severely damaged, and him losing blood and needing multiple surgeries.

“…The morning when it happen, I was getting ready to go to church and the mirror did not go exactly on the table, it go behind the table and it drop and it break, and then after it break I turn to somebody and I say, ‘bad luck for the week’,” Hagar commented Wednesday 16, while sitting outside the ward where her son lay.

“…That is the time, exactly when it break is the time when Ronnie like he get in the accident…,” she commented.

A woman later came to tell her the news about her second son, “…the way how they were saying, is like I swear he die and like I just don’t want see” she recalled.

“He coulda dead and as people keep saying, Ronnie had an accident before, yes he did, and it was the same how – he tried to get away from these bad drivers, because everybody drive bad in St Vincent,” the mother stated.

“…Most of the time they always give bike riders a bad name because it’s just two wheels, but they are skillful, they know what to do on their bike, they know how to control their bike.”

“…So if the people them coulda just ease off ah dat and let this justice serve, because this need a justice,” she also said.

Her son had relayed to her what happened during the accident from his perspective. This is that Ronnie was travelling from the countryside and had reached the Calliaqua area. The intersections were clear from his view, and Ronnie then moved to gear four. However, he said, as he did so, a vehicle reversed into the highway from the intersection, and he had to pull the motorbike to the right. With the rapid speed at which it was travelling, the bike could not stabilise and he crashed in front of the police station.

“…If the man know he wrong for be reversing on a highway, he is wrong, and if the traffic police know exactly how these things set up, they supposed to do something about it,” she commented.

“I don’t want hear nothing about oh, Ronnie always this bike, you know I don’t want hear that…. because I coulda have a dead child today, instead ah now, he could tell you what happen.”

“If it wasn’t the bike, and another vehicle, how we going to put it?” she asked, noting that the scene would just be analysed.

“…We going to say the person always getting in accident? No we not looking at that. We look at how the both drivers use the road,” she said.

“Even though if he want to put in his bike gears, everybody use their gears on the road. Without the gears how the vehicle going move?”

She asked the public to stop “putting their justice”, and that the crowd didn’t turn up until afterward.

“…This is not my justice, that have nothing to do with me, their justice is like a joke, and it’s a death to the ‘crapo’ which is me, his mother. So I want a justice”.

She wants to meet the driver of the vehicle, said to have reversed onto the highway.

The mother commented that procedures her son has to undergo are very expensive.