June 18, 2021
Shelter managers to be given stipend

Persons who have been managing the various volcano emergency shelters will be given a stipend by government to show appreciation for the work they did and in some cases, are still doing.

“Overwhelmingly these persons have done a fantastic job and naturally, there are some persons who are getting a little fatigued,” Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said on Tuesday during a press conference at Cabinet Room.  

There are currently 61 shelters housing 2169 persons, a number that has moved from 88 shelters and about 7000 persons.

 On Monday during a national emergency management council meeting, PM Gonsalves approved for the Ministry of Education (which manages the shelters), to work with the office of the Chief Personnel Officer and the Cabinet Secretary to submit payments of honoraria.  

“You might have a teacher who is doing something, they didn’t go into this for any money, they went into it out of the goodness of their heart, working long hours, there are some volunteers too, and some of them are getting tired as you can understand…”.  

Gonsalves added that persons getting tired under these circumstances is nothing new, as anyone who studies these things comparatively and historically, will know that it happens all over the world when you have shelters during times of natural disasters.  

He said the stipend will be different from the person’s salary, and will not be taxed. He however did not say the amount of the money that will be given.  

“It is a concept which we have applied on more than one occasion when people go beyond the call of duty. I know they are not doing it for that, but we have to show our appreciation,”