June 15, 2021
Photo ID vaccine cards coming soon

LOCAL HEALTH AUTHORITIES will soon introduce photo ID vaccination cards with a number of security features.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Simone Keizer-Beache confirmed this latest development in an interview yesterday, where she explained that the aim is to create a card with a similar look to the national drivers license or national ID card.

“We are working to get that done in the shortest possible time because it’s extremely important that we have photo ID vaccination cards for security, and to ensure that somebody who says they are vaccinated really is, and that they are not pretending to be vaccinated and just exposing themselves and others to COVID,” the CMO said.

Presenting proof of COVID19 vaccination has been made a requirement by some local businesses in their employment process.

SEARCHLIGHT has been informed that forged vaccination certificates are being sold in St Vincent and the Grenadines for between $250 and $1500 ,and Commissioner of Police, Colin John has confirmed that at least two cases of suspected vaccination certificate forgeries are being investigated.

Keizer-Beache said the ministry is in the process of recalling COVID19 vaccination cards that have already been issued, and phasing in a more secure version.

She noted that this secure version should have already been issued to some persons, and bears the basic information, but has increased security features to ensure that if the card is presented, “it is valid, it is a true card and not a counterfeit”.

The health official said persons can call the Community Nursing Service or the nursing supervisor at their respective district clinics, to find out about the whole process.

Once a photo ID vaccination card is introduced, even more security features will be added to ensure that it is as secure as possible, but it will also bring with it several benefits.

“…That’s the main thing; to allow for the verification of your vaccination status whether it’s for work or church or play…” the CMO said.

“We are moving towards the whole idea of gatherings, gatherings of vaccinated persons, larger gatherings” “…In order to do that, you have to make sure the persons are truly vaccinated, and that the person being let in to this gathering is the person who is vaccinated, so we need to have the photo ID vaccination card.”