MOH rubbishes man’s claim that he received  Covid  vaccine without his consent
MARLON TOMMY claims he was given a COVID-19 Vaccine without his consent at the Stubbs Polyclinic on Saturday June 12, 2021 at 5:20 pm.
June 15, 2021
MOH rubbishes man’s claim that he received Covid vaccine without his consent

The Ministry of Health is rejecting claims by a client that he went to the Stubbs Polyclinic to be treated for a nail puncture and was given a COVID19 vaccine without his permission.

The claim was made in a one-minute 51-second video by someone who gave his name as Marlon Tommy, an employee of a St Lucia engineering company.

“Yesterday after work in Buccament, I got a nail chook and I went by the Stubbs Polyclinic and told the…nurse that I get a nail chook and instead they gave me a tetanus injection they gave me a covid19 vaccine without my permission,” said a smiling Tommy in the video that was posted to social media, as he rolled up his sleeve to expose his upper right arm.

“This is what happen at this moment,” said Tommy who was seated in a vehicle.

“My hand is in pain, and so. I normally take tetanus injection and it never pain me like this before,” he said as he continued smiling.

A male voice who was with Tommy prompted: “through all the pain you was going through I told you I woulda take you back to the clinic, what they tell you today as I take you back to the clinic,” he questioned as Tommy bends down and produces a sheet of paper.

“Well this is what they give me, “ Tommy responded, showing the sheet that contains information explaining what the covid19 vaccination can protect you from, and advising that pain and swelling are some common side effects.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Tommy presented to the polyclinic on June 12 when he was attended to for a nail puncture, and returned on June 13 with swelling at the area where he had received a tetanus vaccine.

In a brief comment to SEARCHLIGHT, Minister of Health, St Clair Prince said that he was given the COVID vaccine paper to explain what can be expected after someone receives a vaccination.

Tommy was said to have been issued with a tetanus card after receiving his tetanus shot.

A senior officer within the nursing service said if somebody enters the health care system with a nail puncture and needs a tetanus toxoid vaccine, the nurse at the particular facility knows what to do.

“It’s not possible for someone to go for a tetanus shot and receives a covid19 vaccine, that’s not possible at all, we’re not doing that,” the nursing personnel said, pointing out that a tetanus toxoid is a vaccine, but it’s totally different from the COVID 19 vaccine.

“If the person did not turn up for a COVID vaccine, they will not be given a COVID 19 vaccine, she emphasised.”