June 11, 2021
No sign yet of missing fishermen

Family members of the three fishermen who have been missing since Tuesday June 1 said on Thursday that they still have not heard any news about them.  

The men, Rose Place resident Bernard “Butters” Dublin, Angus “Pharoah” Webb of Edinboro, and Lennox “Grand Charge” Phillips of Ottley Hall went to sea on June 1 on the fishing vessel “Odyssier”. 

The men did not return at their normal time, and as a result the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service (SVGCGS) was alerted and mounted a search and rescue operation which has so far turned up nothing. 

Kenroy Thomas, Lennox’s son, said on Thursday that he has not been officially contacted by any member of the SVGCGS.

Karen Richardson, Webb’s daughter said the same thing.  

Thomas noted also that he is depending on information from a member of the fishing community in Rose Place, and up to press time, there has been no news of his father.  

Karen told SEARCHLIGHT on Thursday that she is extremely saddened by the fact that her father is missing.

“I am feeling sad every day,” she commented.  

A release from the police said the vessel was last seen on the north-east coast of St. Vincent by another fishing vessel at around 10 am on the day the men went missing.