June 4, 2021
Dr Miller publishes new book

Dr Jozelle Miller has published a new book — “Unstuck, Creating your Bounce Back effect,” which tells her story of hurt and disappointments, losing her parents, going through a divorce, overcoming illness.

In this latest publication, Dr Miller provides time tested strategies, merging her training as a Health Psychologist and a Resilience Life Coach. These are strategies that she has used in her moments of adversity and that have helped many clients tap into their personal resilience to overcome their challenges; moving from the stage of being a victim of circumstance to surviving, and most of all, thriving amidst all that is happening around them.

 The book has been released at a very critical time as we continue to navigate through the nuances of this COVID-19 existence.

Here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, we can appreciate the need for this book at this time because many are not only trying to figure out COVID-19, but are faced with rebuilding their lives following the Volcanic Eruption.

 We celebrate with Dr. Miller and encourage anyone feeling ‘stuck’ in their lives at this time to contact her to begin your journey towards a fulfilled life, living your divine purpose.
 “Unstuck” is available on