Left to Right: Robert Trestrail, Winne Thomas, Francia Parris & Shameka David
May 28, 2021
Sagicor SVG wins agency of the year for EC and Belize

Having successfully navigated the most challenging year in the company’s 180-year history, Sagicor has made it clear that the reason that the company was able to record a triumphant 2020, was due to the stellar work of its hardworking and dedicated team.

The company recently showed its appreciation for the outstanding performances of the hundreds of men and women that make up the team across the Caribbean, during its virtual annual awards ceremony for the year 2020, which was held last week Wednesday May 19, under the theme “Celebrating your MVPs”.

In his address to the more than 1000 team members who logged in for the virtual celebration, President and CEO of Sagicor Life Inc, Robert Trestrail, said: “Tonight we celebrate your role in helping us to navigate and to come out on top of one of the most difficult times and one of [the]most unprecedented of all times. We demonstrated to the Caribbean, the industry, and I would argue to the world, that team Sagicor has what it takes to win. Not just win once, but win every single time no matter the challenge.”

He stated that without question, the company’s remarkable achievements in 2020 were as a result of the team’s commitment, loyalty and love for Sagicor.

“We did not retreat; we regrouped. The Sagicor team that met the needs of our customers, faster and better, while turning work from home on its head, is not the same team that started the year in January of 2020. By far we are more resilient, more creative, more innovative and willing to accept and overcome any challenge thrown our way.”

The second such virtual ceremony to be held since the onset of COVID-19, brought together employees from across its operations in the southern, eastern and northern Caribbean, in addition to the USA, who all joined online to cheer on their colleagues who had been nominated for a number of prestigious awards. These included the Group Contributor of the Year; Group Sagicor Spirit Employee of the Year; and Group Sagicor Spirit Manager of the Year.

The Sagicor Spirit Employee of the Year award went to Kirk Shaw, Assistant Management – Facilities & Records Management, Sagicor Jamaica; while Paula Walcott, Assistant Vice President – Human Resources with Sagicor General Insurance Inc and Adrian Gittens, Mortgage Officer – Sagicor Asset Management Inc in Barbados, took home the Group Manager and Group Contributor of the year awards respectively.

Award Winners from Sagicor Life Eastern Caribbean (Inc) included Sherlon Leon from St Lucia, who was awarded Manager of the Year; Winnie Thomas from Antigua who was adjudged Sagicor Spirit Employee of the Year; and Francia Parris from St Lucia who was Contributor of the Year. Shameka Casimir-David from Antigua won the coveted President’s Trophy as the leading Advisor of the Year. Stanley Browne who leads the Agency in St Vincent and the Grenadines, gave that team something to shout about as they won Unit/Agency of the year amongst the EC and Belize.

With regard to awards to the Sagicor General staff, winners included Deborah Raoul from St Lucia who took Manager of the Year; and Terrence Moore who was named Advisor of the Year for a record number of Renewals; and Eural Baptiste who was Advisor of the Year for Lowest Loss Ratio. Both Moore and Baptiste brought it home for the Antigua Sagicor General team. Carra Cadette of St Lucia was SGI’s Sagicor Spirit Employee of the Year, and Jescintta Canoville from Antigua was awarded Contributor of the Year.