May 18, 2021
Sir James urges Vincentians to vaccinate

FORMER PRIME MINISTER, Sir James Mitchell has urged his fellow countrymen to get vaccinated against the COVID19 virus.

Using the platform of the funeral service of Parnel Campbell last Thursday May 13, at the Kingstown Methodist Church, Sir James commented on the “strange phenomena” which the COVID19 pandemic has created.

He was confident that it had a big impact on attendance at the funeral.

“If not for covid, this place would be bursting at the seams”, he remarked, but “with so many of you here, I want to say a word about Covid”, a move he was sure would have received Campbell’s approval.

“ At a funeral like this, many of us- or all of us think of our own mortality and wonder when our time would come.

“Let me advise you, the only way you can be sure you won’t catch COVID is to be vaccinated” Sir James pointed out.

Just two days before in Parliament, Minister of Health St Clair Prince revealed that “there is a very high degree of reluctance…” towards taking of the Covid19 vaccine.

Figures of May 12 showed that 16,726 vaccines had up that point been administered to over 13,000 people with 2,529 people having been fully vaccinated- meaning they had received both doses of the vaccine.

As of May 15, 2021, a total of 47,280 covid19 tests had been conducted with some 1940 testing positive. There have been 12 covid related deaths and 154 cases are active.

Information about the COVID19 vaccines currently being administered to millions across the globe, is that while they are unlikely to offer protection from contracting the virus, its effects will be greatly minimised.