Parnel ‘PR’ Campbell
May 14, 2021
Cuba has lost a true friend

Statement by SVG/Cuba Friendship Society

Cuba has lost a true friend in the death of Brother Parnel Campbell Q.C.
Bro. ‘PR’ as he was affectionately known, had further demonstrated his long-standing defence of the right of the Republic of Cuba to pursue its own independent path of development, by volunteering his skills in heading a local Committee in defence of what became known as “the Cuban Five”.

These were five Cuban intelligence officers arrested, tried and jailed in the USA for their actions in collecting information against persons who continued to plan terrorist activities against Cuba. They were released in 2014 following a massive international solidarity campaign.

PR Campbell became part of that campaign, mobilising local support for the Five, including letters and petitions to the US government urging the release of the imprisoned Cubans. He was also a staunch supporter of the SVG/Cuba friendship Society and was a regular speaker at many of its activities.

His principled support for Cuba extended to him adding his considerable prestige to persistent calls for the US government to end its unfair embargo of Cuba in contravention of the many Resolutions of the United Nations condemning that embargo which hurts the Cuban people.

Bro. Campbell will be sorely missed by Cuba and the friends of Cuba locally. The SVG/Cuba Friendship Society extends its deepest condolences to the family of the outstanding jurist and internationalist.

Renwick Rose
On behalf of SVGCFS