Leader of the Opposition Dr Godwin Friday
April 30, 2021
Opposition leader now fully vaccinated

Leader of the Opposition Dr Godwin Friday, who is now fully vaccinated, has revealed that it was a relief.

Speaking at a virtual media conference on April 28, the President of the New Democratic Party (NDP) turned to the problem that for the last year “has concerned this nation most, in fact the entire world – that is the Covid-19 crisis.”  

“…. I’m happy to report I’ve had my second shot of the vaccination on Monday (April 26), my wife and I, and it was a relief, and I felt very good having had it finally done,” Friday, who was inoculated against the deadly respiratory virus with the Covishield (Indian) AstraZeneca vaccine, said.  

“The situation in this country with Covid-19 as we know, is still very bad,” he said,“…It’s important that we not lose sight of this serious problem that has crippled us, the economy, has caused risk to life and health, that even in this crisis with La Soufrière erupting, that we not lose sight of the danger this poses and continue to do the things that we have done to protect ourselves and to protect one another.” 

 Friday revealed that he did it for his personal safety, and because it’s good for national recovery “…and gives us the best chance of returning to normalcy however we define that after Covid, sooner rather than later.”