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Dale Hooper shot and killed

Dale Hooper shot and killed
Dale Hooper (file photo) was shot several times and died on the spot

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DALE HOOPER, a young man who started his teenage life on the wrong foot, ended his existence the same way, on the wrong foot, shot dead at 20.

On Saturday night April 10, residents of Glen and surrounding areas heard at least 17 loud bangs.

This noise did not come from the Soufriere volcano which began erupting explosively one day before, but from the gun of a killer who had Hooper’s number. The young man was shot several times and died on the spot.

Hooper, this country’s ninth homicide victim for 2021, is no stranger to violence and was at the time of his death, the defendant in several cases ranging from burglary to armed robbery and kidnapping.

In 2018, Hooper was part of a group of nine young men who racked up a number of serious offences committed throughout the year.

Hooper, 16 at the time ,and Donroy Warner were charged with the same offence, a burglary at the home of Ratho Mill resident Gregory Ferrari allegedly committed between July 24 and 25, 2018. The teenagers were accused of stealing a number of items, ranging from a television to skim milk and Baileys.

Hooper and another 16-year-old, Ozem Oliver, were also both charged that they did on August 17, 2018, in Villa, unlawfully threaten to discharge a firearm at Johanna John of Queens Drive, Shanez Francis of Harmony Hall, Alliyah Bullock of Welcome and Jade Adams of Redemption Sharpes. Not guilty was the chorus that the two defendants kept, after these charges were read.

Oliver was charged singly that he did, on the same date, and in the same place, have in his possession an offensive weapon, to wit an imitation firearm. The two were also charged with separate offences. Oliver was charged indictably that he did, on August 10, in Glen, being armed with a gun, rob Denise Baptiste of Glen of one gold Samsung Galaxy cellphone valued at $1,100, putting her in fear of being then and there subjected to force.

Hooper and Oliver were also charged with damaging a vehicle without lawful excuse and assault and causing bodily harm, among others.

Hooper and Oliver had 14 and 12 charges respectively. Among these charges were four for stealing and carrying away four women, four for aggravated burglary, two for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and traffic offences.