MOE to receive  feedback on first day of online classes
January 12, 2021
MOE to receive feedback on first day of online classes

Today, the Ministry of Education should receive feedback about how the first day of online classes went yesterday.

The resumption of school had been delayed for one week after a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases here.

Now, students throughout the country are having their second round of online learning, the first leg being last year when Covid-19 forced the prolonged closure of schools.

Yesterday, a few persons took to social media and radio expressing dissatisfaction with their Internet service. At least one parent noted that their child’s teacher said she was not familiar with the online teaching platform so no classes were held.

Minister of Education Curtis King told SEARCHLIGHT that today, there will be an assessment of the issues noted on the first day of classes.

He however noted that it is expected that there would be problems, but up to press time, no official complaint about Internet speed or any other issues had been received.

“On Monday people would be sorting things out,” King said while noting that it is imperative that teachers and students become well versed in online teaching and learning, because even when school returns to normal, the Ministry will continue with some level of online education, if even it has to do with the issuing of homework or some other form of Internet interaction.

“We don’t want to return to that state where we are not competent to use the Internet for that purpose. Even when we return to school, we will be encouraging teachers to utilize the online teaching,” King stressed.

He said it is his hope that all teachers develop a level of competence with online teaching as interruptions in schooling cannot be predicted.

“We will continue preparing to make sure people have devices and the competence for smooth delivery of classes,” King said while noting that he is looking forward to the feedback from the first day of classes.

“This is not a perfect system as yet,” he said while adding that rumors that he is in quarantine because of Covid-19 are untrue.

Also on Monday, Country Manager at FLOW Wayne Hull said he personally received one complaint of faulty Internet service on Monday.

He said there had not been “mass complaints” on Monday about failing Internet, but an assessment of the service will be conducted today and any issues will be rectified.