Two lawyers captured by ULP’s policies and  people-centred approach
Ashelle Morgan and Keisal Peters
December 15, 2020
Two lawyers captured by ULP’s policies and people-centred approach

The Unity Labour Party’s policies and people-centred approach are what captured lawyers, Ashelle Morgan and Keisal Peters’ attention, leading them to throw their support behind the party and become government senators in the House of Assembly.

The two senators appeared on We FM’s ‘Issues at Hand’ programme on Sunday, where they spoke about their backgrounds, political aspirations and choice to support the ULP, which has formed government for a fifth consecutive term.

“I have been attracted to the policies, the social democratic policies of the party, because I came from…a working-class family, poor, and I have seen the developments,” Morgan said.

Morgan was officially sworn in as one of four government senators in Parliament in November. She also holds the position of Deputy Speaker of the House.

The lawyer said the ULP-led administration has approached many challenges with approaches that have been practical, reasonable and developmental.

She also expressed appreciation for its foreign policy, which focuses on seeking the best for the people of the country rather than being acquiescent to other countries like the United States when it comes to issues relating to Cuba and Venezuela.

“We’re not capitulating to the US basically. I appreciate that. We are sovereign countries and we are exercising our sovereignty in a manner that independent developing countries should aspire to, to determine their own affairs, not being directed to by external influences who don’t have our interest at heart,” she said.

Morgan, who has been a practising lawyer for almost a decade, considers herself to be a child of the ULP’s “Education Revolution”, which afforded her the opportunity to go to university to pursue studies.

She added that it is also through the efforts of the ULP administration that many children from working class, poor families have been able to study law and be called to the bar as lawyers.

So too is the case for many persons that have gone on to become doctors.

Peters, Morgan’s colleague and fellow senator also shares this view.

“The ULP to me is a people centred party. It’s the party, in my view, who loves people and based on the various projects that the party has initiated and worked on and built on, you can see that they invest a lot in people,” Peters said on radio on Sunday.

In addition to her new role as senator in Parliament, Peters is a minister of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Peters said she will never stop touting the Education Revolution, which some do not want to acknowledge in this country.

“You have a case where year in, year out, you have a cluster of students going off to study. In previous administrations, you didn’t have that and you had to belong to a certain family to be able to obtain a university degree,” the minister of state said. “If I was at the age where I needed to attend university in the time of the previous administration, highly unlikely, I would not have been afforded the opportunity to do it.”

Like Morgan, Peters said the ULP administration afforded her the opportunity for higher education and she is now ready and willing to serve her country.

She added that her connection to the ULP comes from its people-centred approach, which it has taken and continues to take in its governance of this country.