Best friends at Adelphi Secondary School make history for the school
Left to Right: Sharonel Samuel, Carla McCloud & Simeon Stephens
October 2, 2020

Best friends at Adelphi Secondary School make history for the school

Two best friends at the Adelphi Secondary School have both attained 10 subjects at the CSEC level for the first time in the school’s history.

This milestone comes as the school prepares to celebrate its 49th anniversary on Monday, October 5.

Sharonel Samuel, former head girl of the school, received eight Grade I passes, including Chemistry and Biology, and two Grade II passes. She is the school’s top performer for 2020.

The daughter of Noel and Sharon Samuel was named Student of the Year at the graduation ceremony on August 12, after capturing 10 awards for the 10 subjects that she pursued at the CSEC level.

Samuel’s mother, Sharon attests to her daughter’s dedication while preparing for the exams as most of her free time was spent studying and practicing past papers.

And the Biabou resident has her sights set on attending the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC), Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies, where she hopes to study environmental science or law.

Carla McCloud also obtained 10 CSEC passes and while she is yet to decide on her area of study at the SVGCC, she feels happy about her performance and credits her success to working alongside her best friend, and encouragement from her parents.

Simeon Stephens is Adelphi Secondary School’s most outstanding male student, having captured all nine subjects attempted with six Grade IIs and three Grade IIIs.

The Adelphi Secondary School, which has adopted the name “five star school” – with each star calling for its students to be Ready, Respectful, Responsible, Reasonable and Resourceful – is among 12 schools in this country who obtained creditable pass rates between 60 and 80 per cent.

This year, the school’s pass rate is 65.9 per cent.

Annis Latham, principal at the Adelphi Secondary School said this is a drop from previous years, where the school maintained a pass rate over 70 per cent.

The principal also indicated its intention to query grades from for Electronic Document Preparation Management, where only 13.4 per cent passes were recorded.

She explained that this discipline is usually one that returns 100 per cent passes and this year’s pass rate in that subject is perhaps the reason for the dip in the overall pass rate.

Despite that setback, Latham noted that the Adelphi Secondary School recorded 94.4 per cent passes in English A, another great achievement.