ULP has a plan for West Kingstown and its residents – Senator Charles
Senator Deborah Charles
September 18, 2020

ULP has a plan for West Kingstown and its residents – Senator Charles

Senator Deborah Charles, the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for West Kingstown has a plan for the constituency that will benefit its residents.

Speaking at a virtual meeting hosted by the ULP on Wednesday, Charles said West Kingstown is being represented in Parliament by the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Daniel Cummings who has no plan or direction for the area he represents.

Charles said several things in the community need to be addressed and she has already begun looking at fixing the issues.

“A road that connects Great House to Lowmans Bay; a link between Spring and the Bonadie’s property, where very soon a hard court will be placed; create a footpath to connect Great House to Buddy Gutter; develop a footpath to allow passage from Mahoe to Bergin; construct the road between Gun Hill to Ottley Hall…,” Charles told persons on Wednesday night.

Going further, she said she is also looking at completing the construction of the Buddy Gutter road, defining the Buddy Gutter path, widening the Lowman’s Bay road while linking Gibson Corner to Dauphine through Fenton and therefore creating an alternative route to Kingstown.

Charles said she has been working in the constituency for the last five years and she will also like to see a modern sewage treatment plant in Rose Place while also linking Edinboro and Montrose to the existing sewage network.

Also on her to do list is moving fisherfolk from Rose Place to Edinboro and Lowmans Bay.

In relation to sports, Charles plans to upgrade the New Montrose hard court and the playing fields in Ottley Hall and Largo Height with pavilions and other amenities. She is also hoping for a national park at Lowmans beach with bathroom and other facilities.

The ULP candidate is also hoping that she can create more green space with recreational facilities and build a library and resource centre that crafts tailored programs which educate willing constituents about entrepreneurial best practices.

A program to support backyard gardening was also mentioned by Charles while utilizing the factory base in Campden Park to create business opportunities is high on her agenda.

Lands at Lowmans Bay for business and home ownership is also high on her agenda.

Charles said that she has not spent the last five years “in a cave and hiding” but working and showing her plans and vision for West Kingstown.

“I have been on your doorsteps, in your living rooms and on your porches…make sure you and your neighbour are registered to vote in the elections,” the senator encouraged.