SJCM  Science  department receives help from alumni
Alumni of the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua poses with Sister Jacintha Wallace (third from left)
September 18, 2020

SJCM Science department receives help from alumni

Alumni of the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua (SJCM) gave their alma mater a much-needed boost in the Science department, through the donation of laboratory supplies this week.

The donation took place on Wednesday, September 16 as the school, which was originally known as Marriaqua Secondary School (MSS), celebrated its 52nd anniversary.

Andre Bailey (left), a representative from the MSS/SJCM Alumni Association (North American chapter) presents Sister Jacintha Wallace with a piece of the
science equipment that was donated

“…In the past two years, we have made some significant contributions which most of you may have heard about, whether it’s your alumna graduation package or gift basket or bookbag, school supplies, medical supplies and today, we felt that this is one of our significant achievements so far,”Andre Bailey, a representative from the MSS/SJCM Alumni Association (North American chapter) said at the handover ceremony.

Bailey noted that the organisation’s goals are to foster the relationship and ties with the present school and alumni of the institution as well as to foster and continue with the development of education.

He said the Association’s focus had initially been the school’s library but diverted its attention to the lab due to the work of principal, Sister Jacintha Wallace and teachers at the school.

The alumnus said that the plan going forward is to do more for the school and he expressed hope that past students, whether locally or abroad will join with the Association in its efforts.

To the students present at the ceremony, Bailey said: “please, I ask all of you to honour it, cherish it. It’s not just for you currently. It’s for every student who comes after you and I hope that this will help to foster your education and you’ll remember when you leave here, that you also can make a contribution”.

Sister Jacintha Wallace, principal of the Roman Catholic institution said she was happy to welcome back past students to the school and expressed gratitude for the donation.

“Our school motto is Caritas. Caritas is a Latin word that means love in service…and what our past students have done for us this morning and have been doing over the period of time, is living that out. That is what I can see and I am very proud and pleased about that…,” Sister Jacintha said.

The principal said SJCM is a school that embraces its wide spectrum of students as it endeavours to ensure that its Christian values are present in everything that is said and done.

Several other past students, including persons from the school’s first ever graduating class were present at Wednesday’s ceremony.

Past student, Hance John gave impromptu remarks at the end of the ceremony during which he urged students to look beyond the donated items as lab equipment.

“See them as a tool that will shape you as an individual and your skills. There are so many fields in science. You can be a chemist, biologist…you could be a doctor, you could be a pharmacist,” he said.

He also encouraged SJCM alumni to continue supporting their alma mater.