New ULP candidate aims to bring unity to Northern Grenadines
Carlos Williams
September 11, 2020

New ULP candidate aims to bring unity to Northern Grenadines

by Robertson Henry

For about two decades he has been assisting the people of the Northern Grenadines in a number of programmes, all aimed at building unity amongst the residents. In tackling the issues, Carlos Williams is of the opinion that failures are nothing but opportunities positioning, and or repositioning for the fulfilment of a legitimate purpose.

Now, he has been given an opportunity to tackle the challenges faced by the residents of the Northern Grenadines in further enhancing the socio-economic strides made over the years.

On August 17, 2020 he received the nod to contest the Northern Grenadines constituency on behalf of the governing Unity Labour Party.

Thrown into the boiling cauldron of elective politics, Carlos Williams has embraced the candidacy of the ULP for the Northern Grenadines with the same drive and enthusiasm that he has brought into all of the programmes and projects that he has been involved with.

Speaking on receiving the candidacy, Carlos Williams said “’Strongest we are Together’ is the central theme of his developmental vision and commitment to bring greater recognition and self-sufficiency to the citizenry of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and to strategically advance and position the Unity Labour Party, as the party of political choice.”

Of himself he stated: “I am persevering, and will confront challenges. I seek to succeed under pressure, for once I set out on a mission, I will see it through without rash decision-making, external complaints, or influence,” Williams stated.

“I own my decisions, and will always accept the responsibilities and consequences of the Agustus M. Carlos Williams’ actions.”

For the development of the Northern Grenadines, he said “My vision has always been people-centred. I want to engage persons even more, to unify the people and the community around a singular vision.

“As I have been doing, I will work towards strengthening, enhancing, and improving governance and relationships, and network with the capital in achieving holistic development for the benefit for the people of the Northern Grenadines.”

He comes from a humble and disciplined upbringing in the fishing and whaling community of Barrouallie, where he attended church, school, and was collectively nurtured by the community in the earlier years of his development.

Those who know him say “he is one of we”, further emphasis of the African proverb: “it takes a village to raise a child.”

That upbringing taught him to be a team player, a trait he brought into his many years at school and subsequently his professional life. He has over 15 years experience working with the St Vincent and the Grenadines Bureau of Standards, with an extensive knowledge in standards development, standards application and financial matters.

Williams prides himself on being self-driven in his desire to help others, using unity as the focal point to forge persons together in an “all hands on deck no matter who you are” approach, for the betterment of the Northern Grenadines, and by extension the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

A uniting element when others around him stray, Carlos works well with individuals of different and opposing points of view – politically or otherwise.

Although a member of the Unity Labour Party for many years, Carlos Williams says: “I am neither left nor right; am I the middle ground, when the development of the land of my birth is the issue at hand,” an approach that has made his opinions even more valued, as people trust and respect him.

Carlos Williams served as Minister Liaison and Community Representative for Sir Louis H. Straker, the Parliamentary Representative for Central Leeward for many years.

He was instrumental in the establishment of, and served on the Barrouallie Blackfish Facilities Enhancement Project Implementation Committee, the Barrouallie Clinic Project, and the Bottle and Glass Communal Facilities Project.

In 2001, he chaired the Unity Labour Party Youth Arm, and is a former chairman of the Unity Labour Party Northern Grenadines Constituency Council, the president of the Unity Labour Party Central Leeward Youth Arm, and a member of the Central Leeward Constituency Council.

Additionally, Carlos Williams along with a group of young people, drafted the first Unity Labour Party Youth Manifesto in 2001, which was subsequently adopted by the party.

He emphasised that “I strongly believe in standards and quality, sustainable development, self-governance and the economy.”

He believes in Christianity and is unapologetic about his Christian purpose and principles.

Family values have always been central to his thought processes, for he believes that the family is an institution ordained by GOD Almighty, and is fiercely loyal and committed, to his family and friends.

Resilient by nature; an inaudible achiever, strong-minded and optimistic, courageous and confident, Carlos Williams’ intrinsic worth and humanistic morals “are the fundamentals and fortitude of my beliefs, and the definition of who I am.”