Man shot at Green Hill
Police officers from the Criminal Investigations Division at the scene in Green Hill where it is alleged a gunman entered the home of a resident and shot him around 11 a.m. yesterday.
June 12, 2020

Man shot at Green Hill

Police are investigating a shooting that took place at Green Hill on Thursday, June 11 at around 11 am.

A neighbour of the man who was shot said he heard the gunshots, but paid no mind but later saw members of the Special Service Unit (SSU) come into the area and take away a bleeding man.

The neighbour said it appears to him that the man was shot in the head, but he was still alive when the police placed him in their transportation and rushed him to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

The resident said the man is known to him, but he is a new resident of the area, so he did not know his name. He added that the victim was living with his girlfriend at the residence where he was shot.

A man on the scene who was visibly distraught could be heard on the phone telling someone that the gunman had come into the house and shot his target before making a clean escape.

SEARCHLIGHT was unable to verify the injured man’s name and will provide an update in a later article.