Businesses urged to embrace entrepreneurial spirit, plan for recovery post COVID-19
Founder & Lead Marketing & Public Relations Consultant of Ignite, Candice Sealey
June 5, 2020

Businesses urged to embrace entrepreneurial spirit, plan for recovery post COVID-19

The coronavirus has taken a toll on businesses across various sectors in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and as such locally based Marketing & Public Relations Consultancy, Ignite! has launched a unique and innovative initiative to help businesses/brands that have struggled or are struggling during the current economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ignite! has launched its Entrepreneurial Spirit campaign designed to help businesses/brands/institutions harness their creativity as well as to help them see and pursue opportunities despite the challenges being faced.

The campaign whose theme is ADAPT … INNOVATE … OVERCOME, compromises of multiple elements; its Founder & Lead Marketing & Public Relations Consultant, Candice Sealey, stated that the campaign includes the video showcasing of real stories from businesses regarding how they have been affected by the pandemic, challenges faced and how they are being resilient.

Additionally, Sealey stated that one of the campaign’s most exciting elements is the #morethanabusiness challenge which started May 25, where members of the public are encouraged to share a photo or memory at a business they love/at which they have had a good experience, explain why the company is #morethanabusiness to them, tag a friend & pass on the challenge, all in the quest of showing support and appreciation to businesses and their staff who are critical to the survival of the business community.

Additional items such as logo and brand identity specials for business start-ups, exclusive offers & discounts, virtual events as well as free/discounted marketing resources including the ‘Overcome’ PR package and one -on- one consultations, are also part of this initiative.

Sealey noted that Ignite! Wants to be a support system for businesses/brands/institutions to help them get ready to bounce back & return stronger. She emphasized that with the right tools which include nurturing of passion & creativity within as well as speaking to consumers in a way that resonates, business can be revived.

“It’s vital for businesses to communicate to their customers/clients, especially during a time like this. For businesses that are closed, customers want to know who is re-opening, how they’re re-opening and what protocols have also been put in place.

“We know the spirits of entrepreneurs or business managers may be low right now and funds may be limited so I wanted to create a resource that can uplift. Coming out of this, businesses will want to share their story but everyone will be sharing so we are here to help these brands/businesses find their voice within the masses and get eyeballs on their products and services,” Sealey said.

It is hoped that the campaign will show that there is value in consistently communicating with consumers and that it is not business as usual but business ‘as the new normal’.

Sealey also reiterated that at a time like this it’s extremely important that businesses recognize the need to adapt as well as to market in this new normal, that their consumers’ habits may have changed or that consumers may have delayed certain purchases; managers should also realize that showing they have prioritized customers’ safety and wellbeing is a must and that even if your business was considered a necessity during the pandemic, one should not be complacent going forward. Updates about the campaign and its elements can be found on the Ignite! FB & IG pages.