Two Grenadian sailors being quarantined in SVG
May 15, 2020

Two Grenadian sailors being quarantined in SVG

Two Grenadian seafarers are currently being quarantined in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), after arriving with eight other Vincentian sailors aboard a Carnival Cruise Line vessel this week.

Eighty-seven Vincentian seafarers from the Carnival Cruise Line arrived here on Saturday, May 9, then on Wednesday afternoon, another ship in the fleet arrived to complete the cruise line’s repatriation efforts in SVG, having located more Vincentian crew members on ships off Barbados.

“My understanding is that because the port is closed in Grenada, to open it requires a particular amount of effort and I think they probably said to them to bring two persons today (May 14) or yesterday would have been a difficult problem, so if they could wait until next week Wednesday or Thursday…,” Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said on We FM yesterday.

He said the Grenadians, as they have no homes in SVG, are being quarantined, along with the eight Vincentians, at the expense of the Carnival Cruise Lines.

Grenada’s tourism minister, Clarice Modeste said that arrangements are presently being made to have the two nationals return to Grenada from SVG.

According to an article by Now Grenada, Modeste said “the cruise line called us within hours before the arrival time informing us about the two persons. We gave an option for them to use an aircraft which was already en route to Grenada, but instead, they choose to ask St Vincent to accept the two workers and St Vincent did not refuse”.

The tourism minister added that Grenada has an obligation to its citizens and that arrangements are ongoing to have those persons return home as they must be quarantined upon arrival.

Grenada has closed all ports of entry as part of measures to reduce and contain the spread of COVID-19. But once a request is made, and all protocols are adopted and followed, then permission may be granted for an aircraft or marine vehicle to enter.

Two cruise lines arrived in Grenada last Saturday to repatriate nationals, who were placed in mandatory quarantine for at least 14 days. It has been reported that the management of one cruise line reneged on its agreement with the Grenada government to financially assist with the cost of quarantine.