South Leeward constituency left in a state of neglect under ULP – ‘Nature’
Parliamentary representative for the constituency of South Leeward Nigel “Nature” Stephenson
March 6, 2020

South Leeward constituency left in a state of neglect under ULP – ‘Nature’

PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATIVE for the constituency of South Leeward Nigel “Nature” Stephenson says that his constituency has been neglected by the government.

Speaking at the opening of the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) South Leeward Constituency Office in Campden Park on Saturday, Stephenson told those gathered that under the stewardship of Jeremiah “Jerry” Scott, a former NDP member of parliament, South Leeward was booming.

“South Leeward was a constituency where employment was created for many people, young and old, South Leeward was a constituency where we had paved roads, the infrastructure was good, but since the advent of the Unity Labour Party, everything that Jerry Scott and the New Democratic Party has done was left to rotten,” Stephenson commented.

He said what exists in South Leeward now “is just relic”.

“So for those persons who are interested in the field of archaeology, you would recognize precisely, or you can date back to when the NDP left office because everything that was done by the NDP or started by the NDP it is in the exact same position,” Stephenson commented.

He said that people in South Leeward should make it clear that they do not want a government that has neglected the constituency.

“It is time to get in a state of readiness and say you have outlived your usefulness,” Stephenson said.

The parliamentary representative said that roads in the constituency are in a state of neglect and there are areas that need gabion baskets, but nothing is being done to correct the issues. Stephenson also described the Campden Park Clinic as, “the worse clinic in the Caribbean.”

“It is a place to go to get better, but [by] the time you behold that clinic in Campden Park you get worse,” said the opposition MP who promises that his party will refurbish the clinic if they get into power.

“You will get a facility that when you see it you will get better when you behold it,” Stephenson said.

Stephenson also spoke about the community center in Campden Park, suggesting that the entire structure was demolished by the ULP so as to erase the NDP’s mark in the area.

He said also that the government is pressuring residents of South Leeward because they have committed the ultimate sin.

“What is the sin you have committed? Because you have always stood with the NDP,” Stephenson told supporters while adding that there is nothing to look forward to when one votes for the ULP.

He asserted that he is guardian of constituency and opened the office there because he wants to serve people.

During the meeting, tribute was paid to Scott, but the former politician did not turn up to the event although he was invited.