‘Lush SVG’ opens at Youlou Arts Centre this weekend
March 6, 2020

‘Lush SVG’ opens at Youlou Arts Centre this weekend

WHEN CAMILLE SAUNDERS MUSSER conceived the idea of the Youlou Arts Centre (YAC) many years ago, the forward thinking Vincentian woman was not only spontaneously responding to a societal need, she was in fact providing much needed leadership and support for a sector that is greatly under rated and often forgotten.

Camille hails from a prominent mother and father known in our SVG community for their significant contribution in many fields including music, charity, education and youth development. Under Camille”s stewardship and guidance, the YAC has been fulfilling it’s role admirably for 20 years and is today highly recognized as a worthy nonprofit organization with vision. The YAC recently mounted the first ever all women artists exhibition, which attracted several artists and numerous viewers.

There is absolutely no doubt that SVG is benefiting hugely from the creation of the centre’s activities. It not only provides artists with a central place to exhibit their work but it has elevated art and culture to the important place where the sector truly belongs in our young nation State.

Eventually, every Vincentian will fully appreciate the role of arts and culture in our development, as well as recognize the vital economic and social linkages a well developed arts and culture sector can trigger and sustain.

It is well known that arts and culture contribute to the development of a civilization.

Here in SVG, new artists are emerging everyday, older artists continue to hone their skills, traditional craftsmen and women work assiduously to enhance and preserve our indigenous crafts.. The YAC is constantly preparing and paving the way to accommodate, motivate, guide and inspire members of the SVG art world.

The vision is to one day have the centre be at the stage where it can meaningfully contribute

directly to the economic welfare of all Vincentian artists and craftspersons, supporting their physical and mental health as well as improving their livelihood and economic circumstances and uplifting their status.

For the past several months the Youlou Art Centre has been focusing on creating a show which seeks to highlight the natural beauty of SVG.

“Lush SVG.” the new show at YAC will be on display from March 7 and ends July 20, 2020.

The Youlou Art Centre is inviting the public to come and see how local artists have responded to the lushness of SVG.

Over 20 local artists will be presenting their work in the gallery at the YAC, Indian Bay. “Lush SVG” promises to be an exciting show. It should not be missed. Local artists will be showing their response to the lushness of SVG.

The Opening Reception takes place Saturday, March 7 from 5 pm to 8 pm. The reception is free to the public. Light snacks will be served, and drinks will be on sale.

The Youlou Art Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.