New and improved Chill’n opens after 4 weeks of renovations
THE CHILL’N restaurant after the renovations
February 28, 2020

New and improved Chill’n opens after 4 weeks of renovations

Chill’n, after being closed for four weeks, reopened last week Wednesday, February 19, having changed a number of things based on customer feedback.

Speaking at Chill’n last Wednesday, marketing and public relations consultant affiliated with the restaurant, Candice Sealey noted, “We felt that the restaurant needed an ambience upgrade and we wanted to put some systems in place to better serve our customers.”

For the restaurant, owned by Jackie and Kevin Lyttle, Sealey said that the changes came after reviewing everything to do with the business.

“…Looking at the different touch points within the business, any interface that the customers have with the business, and where we needed to improve,” she informed.

Some of the changes that customers can expect from Chill’n include a cooler restaurant, with air conditioning.

“When the restaurant was established we always wanted it to be an escape from the hustle and bustle of Kingstown and now it’s much cooler and it’s really a place for you to come and sit down,” and give a sigh of relief, Sealey stated.

The restaurateurs also decided to make the aesthetic slightly more modern, and updated, while keeping a “rustic” look.
This included working with local designers, including Rene’s Ornamentations to add touches to the décor.

Additionally, Chill’n has sought to improve on convenience, “Convenience that you can plug in your phone in the charging port and enjoy free wifi.”

There are now counter charging ports at the Bar, so persons may “sit, enjoy your drinks or enjoy your appetizers, or whatever the case is, and still have your phone being charged there as well,” Sealey stated.

Chill’n is also trying to get customers who are used to favourites from menu to try different items, and will therefore be offering samples.

“We have a sample of patties, we have mini wraps, we have our tacos so that you could sample different things,” Sealey informed.

Additionally, since re-opening, “We have stocked up on our wine selection, and our pink, and red moscato as well as the Rosé,” the consultant stated.

Chill’n will also be introducing wine slushies to the menu.

Sealey disclosed that customers love the local juices, so “we’ve fused both of them, where you could enjoy wine with the fruit. So you could have wine with your strawberry, you could have it with your golden apple,” mango, or pineapple.

In general, the menu has become more concise, and changed from a book format. “We looked at the items that were most popular,” Sealey indicated, based on customer feedback.

“It’s very reader friendly and you can pick your items quickly instead of having to go through several pages,” she noted.

On the Taste of Asia menu, there remains the popular dishes such as the spring rolls, the wantons, the fried rice dishes and the sweet and sour dishes.

Among other items, Sealey assured that they have kept pizza, and their desserts on the menu, as well as the all-day breakfast.