Chill’n launches campaign in fight against domestic violence
THE INTERIOR of Chill’n, an eatery located in Kingstown owned by Kevin and Jacqueline Lyttle.
February 25, 2020

Chill’n launches campaign in fight against domestic violence

In the fight against domestic violence, “Chill’n” has launched a campaign focused on self-love, and knowing the signs of abuse.

It is not the first time that the establishment, an eatery located in Kingstown owned by Kevin and Jacqueline Lyttle, has made moves to support the fight to end violence against women.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Marketing and Public Relations Consultant affiliated with Chill’n, Candice Sealey, indicated that the restaurant launched a Ladies Celebration Wall in 2014.

A COLLAGE of women from St Vincent and the Grenadines. The art piece was created by local artist and photographer, Calvert Jones.

The wall, coloured orange, has a large collage featuring black and white photos of smiling women, created by popular photographer Calvert Jones. A wooden outward frame runs around the rim of this collage, and contains signatures of customers and celebrities who support the fight against domestic violence.

Sealey noted that the current campaign “is focused on loving yourself, and knowing the signs of abuse,” and is called “Is this love?”

“Chill’n is basically highlighting through a series of videos as well as posters about different scenarios in relationships that make you think twice and ask yourself ‘Is this really love?,” she expounded.

She said that this is because in an abusive relationship there are signs which should make someone think “Is this okay? Is this really love?”

Attached to the posters is a number that victims can call as well — the number for Leave Out Violence SVG (LOVNSVG).

Sealey stated that they have also solicited the assistance of LOVNSVG, “in finding three persons who were victims and we will treat them to a Chill’n VIP experience.”

These persons will be treated to lunch, and, in partnership with Envy Nightclub, they will be treated to a night out.

“Persons can go out to our social media at ChillnBounty on Instagram or at Chill’n SVG on Facebook to see the posters and videos and to get more information,” Sealey stated.