I just …I need help – mother
Natalie Cabral
February 7, 2020

I just …I need help – mother

A mother of four is seeking assistance to make a better life for her children.

Natalie Cabral visited SEARCHLIGHT yesterday to share her story of hardship.

The 38-year-old said she was molested as a young girl and has been living on her own since age13.

She related that life has always been difficult but she would like to make a change for her children, particularly her youngest ones, who are nine and six years old.

“I’m willing to work…I don’t have no kind of skills. I could clean houses, take care of old people, anything I get to do, I will fit myself in…once I get paid so that I can pay my bills. I just …I need help,” Cabral said.

The Glen resident said that her monthly rent is EC$ 300 and currently, she does not have water at her house but asks a neighbour and pays when she can.

Cabral also said that she can braid hair but cannot afford to do so without products and she has been unsuccessful in obtaining a job.

She explained that she tried completing studies online but had to stop because she could not make course payments.

The frustrated mother is hoping that she can receive assistance in obtaining a job so that she can provide for herself and children and will welcome any other assistance that the public is willing to give.