Coreas donates $10,000 to the A&E Department
Minister of Health, Luke Browne (second from left) accepts cheque from the CEO of Coreas Distribution Limited Jimmy Forde (second from right) as deputy hospital administrator ,Andrew Williams (left) and permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health, Cuthbert Knights (right) look on.
February 4, 2020

Coreas donates $10,000 to the A&E Department

Coreas Distribution Limited, has contributed to the refurbishment of the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).

“When the minister reached out to me and asked for assistance, the answer came in less than 30 seconds, it was easy…” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Corea’s Distribution Limited, Jimmy Forde, told persons gathered at the A&E department last week during the handing over of ECS10,000.

Refurbishment of the A&E department will soon begin under a public/private sector partnership.  

Forde said the MCMH is a very, if not one of the most important institutions in the county, and an integral part of the fabric of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

“A&E saves many lives and we (Corea’s Distribution), are in the food and pharmaceutical business, the business of food and sustenance of lives, and we are an integral part of the society because without food, you cannot survive.

“With a staff of nearly 200 persons and their families, we are a significant beneficiary of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, and we feel it is part of our corporate social responsibility to contribute when asked to so do,” Forde told the gathering at the MCMH.

He added that the government cannot do everything on its own so citizens, and members of the corporate community, should help where they can.

“It makes it very easy for me to stand here today and contribute $10,000…,” Forde said, adding, that it is not the first contribution that Corea’s Distribution has made to the hospital.
He said they recently gave $7000 towards a mobile blood bank.

“I am informed that we shall see the value of that contribution, as the bank can move around and collect blood for the sustenance of life,and, I am happy to make this contribution and I’m certain that the Ministry of Health will find great use for this contribution,” Forde said.

Commenting, Minister of Health, Luke Browne, said they were grateful for the donation.

“The ministry has set out an ambitious agenda for 2020 as it is the year of vision and of victory, and, one of the components of that agenda is a public/private partnership for the refurbishment of the Accident and Emergency Department,” said Browne.

He said further that the contribution by Corea’s Distribution will go a long way towards them achieving the objectives they have set.

Giving some statistics, the Minister said that the A&E department is a busy part of the hospital, providing a service on a daily basis to around 60 persons, which translates on average to around 1700 persons per month going to the A&E department.

“So when you extrapolate this information in terms of annually, we are dealing with a scenario where the A&E caters in the vicinity of 20,000 Vincentians on a yearly basis.

“You can imagine that, therefore, any investment in this part of the hospital will go a long way towards improving access, comfort and care for patients,” said Browne.

He however noted that infrastructural work must be complemented with something that is not infrastructural, so he is urging medical workers to be sensitive and professional in their dealings with patients.

“It’s all about putting our best foot forward for the 20 odd thousand people who come through the doors of the A&E on an annual basis.

“It is clear, and, I would like this be a signal that we would do what it takes to make sure everyone here is taken care of, but, we cannot do everything by ourselves,” said Browne.