PERSONS PARTICIPATING in the 5K SWEAT hosted by WPP and Be Fit Movement SVG
December 20, 2019
WPP and Be Fit Movement’s 5k SWEAT deemed a great success

World Pediatric Project (WPP) and Be Fit Movement SVG collaborated through a joint effort and hosted 5k SWEAT to heal a child on November 30 which was deemed a success.

The team is officially expressing a heartfelt thank you to all the sponsors and supporters for their love, contribution and role in making the event successful .

SWEAT to heal a child is one of several fund-raising activities organized in “The Every Child Counts Campaign” which is a local initiative aimed at boosting awareness of WPP and its work, assist in funding the program and meeting the funding target of $270,000 in two years. From this activity, 10 per cent of the aim was met,while we still have further to go in achieving our goal we are thankful and WPP is extremely grateful to Lindon James and the Be Fit Movement family for contributing their help to every child who needs it as all the proceeds raised went directly to the children.

To have a clearer understanding of how your contribution works approximately 10 children will be able to receive medical intervention because of this endeavor. This Every Child Counts Campaign is about businesses, government and individuals working together as a community and to receive such a turn out of love at this time of the year is a good indication of where were are heading in terms of helping our children and nation. Once again we express our gratitude for the presence, timeliness and love of all our sponsors and well wishers.

It should be noted that the purpose of this event is to raise funds to help the needy children and it was a complete success thanks to the different institutions including the media who attended.

The work of the WPP and its impact can be followed at and you can call the office at 784 -451-2989.