CP claims song  “Fustina” has nothing to do with prostitution or sex (+Video)
Carlton “CP” Hall
December 17, 2019

CP claims song “Fustina” has nothing to do with prostitution or sex (+Video)

Carlton “CP” Hall says that his 2019 parang song “Fustina” has nothing to do with prostitution or sex as some people are claiming.

On Monday, in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Hall said the word “whine” in the song speaks to fussing, fretting or complaining and not “wining” which means the gyration of the pelvic area.

The song came in for criticism on radio with at least one radio personality and one artiste interpreting the song as speaking about prostitution and the exchange of sex for material things.

Last year, the then chairman of the National Nine Mornings Committee had called on parang artistes to deviate from lewd lyrics in Christmas songs. Hall had supported the call and even penned and performed a song call “Keep the Christmas clean”.

“Fustina, this song deals with consumerism and materialism which has been pervading our Christmas. The focus is on material things,” stated Hall who noted that persons have misinterpreted the song because of the hook, “Fustina Whining”.

“It has a hook line which uses the word ‘whine’. Of course, the ‘whine’ in this context means to complain, to fuss, to fret to gripe spelt ‘WHINE’ on paper,” stressed Hall.

He added that the suggestion that the song is promoting prostitution makes no sense if one is to read and listen to the words.

“It is not in keeping with the character of the writer over the years,” Hall further commented, while adding that at Christmas time he promotes positive messages in his songs with themes like, peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

“This one is dealing with consumerism and materialism but of course in a creative way…and I would really like to protect the section of the society who might be hooked in.

“I don’t want to use the word gullible, but they might just fall for the negative promotion and as a teacher of almost four decades, a teacher of the English language, I am really concerned that those who might be limited in the vocabulary of the English language might fall for that negative spin which has been placed on my work,” Hall said.

He said the song is self-explanatory and he should not have to explain, but the critics of the song seem to be lexically challenged.

“Whether it’s for hype of the entity or it is genuine lack of knowledge, I don’t know. The song is not even satirical, and you are not punning on the word,” said Hall.