Codisha Matthews author of the book ‘Transitioning into Womanhood: Journey to Self-realization’
December 13, 2019
New book by accountant described as positivity overcoming negativity

‘Transitioning into Womanhood: Journey to Self-realization’, a book by Codisha Matthews has been described as positivity overcoming negativity.

The book was launched at the Public Library in Richmond Hill on Wednesday, and is said to speak about what demotivates, inspires, destroys and elevates women.

Giving a review of the book, lawyer Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams commented that the book is a welcomed addition to the literature of the country.

“Some profound statements have been made in this book and this book could have been retitled self-realization through positivity because it is a reflection of positivity overcoming negativity,” Williams told the gathering.

lawyer Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams

He described the publication as inspirational and noted that the division of different chapters dealing with different issues is important.

Williams added also that the book is a reflection of the author’s experience through life and the use of knowledge which is available in order to lead persons forward.

“She is helping to influence our thought processes and I hope many young women and men read this book,” Williams stated.

Also at the launch was President of the Writers’ Association lawyer Rene Baptiste.

“This book is not about her own feelings or own position. She has taken on certain subjects dealing with the spiritual self, the physical self, the mental self. It would help young men to understand the girlfriend and the wife that they have,” said Baptiste.

She added, “This is a book that is like a torch to walk with”.

“This book has many experiences to teach women, but particularly the young men in St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Baptiste commented.

Also commenting was Antoinette Bess-Jardine who opined that the title of the book aptly conveys what is in the book.

“She gives the wisdom she has gained to help persons overcome barriers in many areas,” said Bess-Jardine while adding that the book is intended for persons interested in personal growth.

The author is a graduate with honours through the Oxford Brookes University. She is a qualified chartered accountant with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). She is also a designated Fellow of the Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA) and the managing director of her co-owned accounting firm.

Speaking during the launch, Matthews said she started reading as she was looking for answers to life’s issues but decided to write the book so that she could help others who are looking for answers.

“I felt passionately inclined to place all the knowledge I had found that helped me to elevate my mindset, that sent me on a course far greater than I ever dreamt into one book,” said Matthews.

The book is being sold for EC$30 locally and US$10 on Amazon.