Determination Bar reopens
DETERMINATION BAR is a Caribbean bar where you can find various types of liquor from throughout the Caribbean
November 12, 2019
Determination Bar reopens

If you are ever on Union Island and looking for a watering hole with a classy yet with a down to earth ambiance, top shelf, reasonably priced liquor, then visit Determination Bar.

Located in Clifton, Determination Bar was opened in 1968 by Morgan Edward Snagg, but it is now run by his son Edwin Snagg, a Union Island-born, Trinidad-raised Vincentian.

Proprietor EDWIN SNAGG mingles with patrons at Determination Bar

On November 1, Edwin reopened the establishment after carrying out extensive renovations. The reopening saw persons entertained by a live band and cultural activities that included dancing and drumming.

“If it’s one bar on Union Island where you can find a diversity of drinks, it’s here,” Snagg told SEARCHLIGT on opening night, “It is virtually a Caribbean bar where you can find various types of liquor produced from throughout the Caribbean.”

The proprietor, who employs six persons noted that the establishment serves alcohol procured from Martinique, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada among many other places.

“You name it, we have it here,” he boasted while adding that a patron noticed the diversity and promised to visit the bar every day and sample a different type of liquor on each visit.

“He said he would come every day to taste the different types of rum and he hopes he will complete it by the end of next year. The diversity is that great,” Snagg said smiling.

He noted that when the bar was opened in 1968, it was a traditional rum shop in the sense that it also sold grocery items like sugar, rice, saltfish etc.

He said that he decided to keep the name as when his father opened the business, he had a determination to live and survive on the Southern Grenadine isle.

Snagg is encouraging persons to visit the establishment as not only is a wide array of foreign liquor availabile, but also local drinks and cocktails, and the ambiance is awesome.

“The waves can be heard in the background and the staff is professional and friendly and that goes a long way.

“We have a traditional bar, very unique as it’s not a rum shop but close, yet it’s classy and affluent but still cater for all types of patrons. In other words, everyone is welcomed,” said Snagg.

He noted that while the bar specializes in liquor, he will soon introduce certain types of bar snacks, like crab backs and chips along with other finger foods.

“When you come here there is a certain friendliness that you experience. I am a down to earth man and we have a certain level of decency we uphold here which allows you to sit comfortably,” said Snagg who added that the set-up makes a perfect chill spot that adds to the tourism product on the island.

Determination Bar is opened Monday to Saturday from 9 am until and on Sundays from 4 pm until 10 pm.